How To Build A Website Using Wix: A Step By Step Guide

Build A Website Using Wix

Build A Website Using Wix

If you are looking to build a website for your business then you have come to the right place.  There was a time not too long ago where if you wanted a website you would have to pay a developer several thousand dollars to build one for you.  Those days are over now.

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Automated website builders have come a long way and today you can not just build a website, but you can build a stunning and professional looking website in just a few clicks of the mouse.  Our step by step guide can help you build a website in just a few easy steps.  If you are specifically looking to start a blog, then the steps will be slightly different and in that case you should check out our step by step guide to starting a Wix blog.

To get started Click Here To Open The Wix Landing Page in another browser.  When you are ready to begin creating your website, click Start.

On the Login Page next to where it says New To Wix click Sign Up and you should get a sign up page that looks like the page below.

I would recommend signing up with your email address and not using your Facebook account.

At this point you will be taken through a series of questions to help determine what kind of website you want to build.  Since we are going to build a website for a business make sure you answer the type of website question correctly.  If you choose blog, it will install the blogging app which you might not want for your business website.  Some of the questions you’ll probably be asked are:

I want to create a website for myself/client?
It should be a blog/business website?
And I’ve built websites before/never done this before?

At this point you should be prompted with a screen similar to the one below.  You now have the option to answer a few questions and let the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, also known as ADI, start building the website for you based on your answers.  Or you can just choose a template and build the website yourself using the Full Wix Editor.

For now, if you are new to building websites I recommend letting the ADI build the initial version of the website for you as this will be quicker and easier.  The Full Wix Editor gives you more features and configuration options but you can let the ADI build the first version of the website and then edit it with Full Wix Editor later.  We get into that in more detail in our section on Configuring Advanced Wix Website Settings And Features.

Wix Templates

Using The Wix ADI To Build A Website

Choose the ADI and click Start Now

At this point the ADI will start to ask you additional questions like:

What kind of business do you want to build a website for?

Just for demonstration purposes I chose Taxi Service but you should be able to find something close to whatever type of business you are building this website for.

Wix Website Types

After you have found the type of business that most closely resembles your company, click Next.

The next question will ask if your website needs any of the following services.  I would leave this blank for now as you can add each of these apps later, if needed, once you are more comfortable editing your website.

Wix Features For Website

Click next and then enter your business name.  If it is a local business you can enter your address so it will appear on your website or you can skip this step if your business is only an online business.  Review and Edit Your Info.  Here you can add your social media links if you have them setup already.  If you don’t have social media accounts created already for your business, don’t worry, we can add them later.

Wix Website Information

After you have reviewed your info click next and then click start and the Wix ADI will begin to build a website for you.

Wix ADI Start Build A Website

The ADI will ask you to pick a style of website you like.  You can change this later if you want.  It can also use your logo colors for the website if you want.

When you are done choosing the ADI options click Create My Website and the ADI will begin to build a website for you.

Once you are in the Wix ADI you will see that Wix will have already added sample text and images based on the type of website you chose to build.  It may vary depending on the type of website and the features you chose but your homepage will probably have a main section, an about section, a list of services, testimonials and a contact area.  Since I chose Taxi Service you can see that Wix attempted to put in some details, including photos of taxis and text of typical taxi services.

Obviously, you will want to edit all of this and put in your own photos and text accurately describing your business.  We will get into all of that shortly, but for now this should be a great starting template for you to build a website.


Don’t worry about the way your website looks right now, it’s not going to look pretty when you are in Edit mode.  At any point, you can make edits and then click on the Preview button on the top right to see what your actual website will look like when not in edit mode.  Don’t panic at this point if the ADI Editor looks overwhelming, we will get into all of this in a little bit.

It is very important to note that at this point you are still using the Wix ADI, not the Full Wix Editor.  The ADI makes it much simpler for you to build a website by streamlining the process for you to add and remove features, but the tradeoff for that is that it gives you much less control over how your website looks and feels.  So if you don’t like the ADI, or if you want to change some things on your website and it won’t let you, don’t panic.  The ADI is the perfect way for a beginner to learn how to build a website.  But as you get more comfortable working with your website you will want more control over the look and feel of the website.

We will cover how to switch from the Wix ADI to the full Wix Editor in our section on Configuring Advanced Wix Website Settings And Features.  If you are just learning how to build a website, I would recommend sticking with the Wix ADI for now.  Once you get comfortable with your new website and want to add some additional features, you can switch to the full Wix Editor.  I personally like the full Wix Editor a lot better not just because it gives you more control over your website but also because I find that at times the ADI can be a little slow and less responsive than the Full Editor.

If you want more detailed information about the difference between the Wix ADI and the Wix Editor you can find it here on the Wix website.  But for the remainder of this first part of our guide on how to build a website using Wix we will be assuming you are still using the Wix ADI.

Wix ADI Menu

Wix ADI Menu Options Left Side

The menu at the top of the Wix ADI has the following options:

Page: This is where you select what page on your website you are editing, we’ll stay on the home page for now.

Add: This is where you can add new pages to your website or add apps to pages.  It should be noted that the Wix ADI has a very limited set of Apps available to it, when you’re ready to begin adding new apps you will want to switch to the full Wix Editor.

Site Design: This is where you can change the theme of your Wix Website, choose colors and fonts as well as other more advance features.

Wix ADI Additional Menu Options

Desktop/Mobile: This is where you can swap between viewing the Desktop and Mobile version of your website.  The mobile version is how it will be viewed when someone is looking at it on a smart phone.  For now, just focus on the Desktop version when editing.  Wix will automatically optimize your site for people viewing on a mobile so there is no need to worry about it.

Site: Here you can manage your site settings.  We will cover these options in detail later in our article on How To Configure Advanced Wix Website Settings And Features.

Preview: The preview button allows you to view the website as it will look if someone is visiting it using a typical web browser and not in edit mode.

Publish: At this point only you can see the website, either in Edit or Preview mode.  Once you click Publish it will become available on the internet for everyone to see.

Upgrade: This is where you can upgrade to a Wix Premium plan.  It is important to remember at this point you are still running the free version of Wix.  If you are creating this website just for yourself for fun then you can get away with a free Wix Website.  But if you are building this website for your business or for any other commercial reason then you are going to need to upgrade to one of the premium plans for the following reasons:

1. First of all, free Wix websites are limited to 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth.  If you are building this for your business you are likely to exceed that bandwidth limitation.

2. Free Wix Websites can’t have their own domain name.  Here is what this means.  If for example the name of your company is John’s Taxi Service, your free Wix Website would have a web address similar to  This is a very ugly and unprofessional looking domain name that is going to be impossible for anyone to ever remember.  With a Wix premium account you could have something like and have professional email addresses like  Nobody is going to ever take your business seriously if you have a free Wix domain name.

The best part is that when you upgrade to a premium plan, Wix will give you the domain name of your choice for free.  It typically costs ~$15/year to register a domain name but when you pay for your Wix Premium account you’ll get a Free Domain Voucher.

3. Free Wix Websites will have Wix ads all over them once they are published.  This is how Wix makes their money off of Free Wix Websites.  Not only does it make your website look totally unprofessional being littered with ads, but it will slow down load times drastically.  If your website takes a long time to load it will provide a very poor user experience for your customers making them not want to come back.  In addition, Google uses page load speeds as part of its ranking algorithm to determine which websites should rank highest when people do internet searches on Google.  If you want people to ever be able to find your website, you can’t use a free Wix account.

4. Premium Customer Support.  If you have a premium Wix account, when you have questions about your website or need help changing something on your website, you will get much faster response times from Wix Support.

5. Google Analytics. Premium Wix Users get access to Google Analytics.  This is critical to making money with your website.  You’ll want to know things like how many visitors am I getting to my website each day?  Where do my visitors live?  Where were my visitors referred from?  (Did they find your website through Google Search, Paid Ads, Facebook, etc.)  How long did they spent on my website and which pages did they visit?  What device were they using?  (mobile, tablet, desktop).  All of this will help you target future ads to drive the right customers to your website and maximize your profits.

Wix Premium Plans

Once you select Upgrade, you can choose Compare Plans to see the different options available to you.  You get a money back guarantee from Wix so you can try out Wix Premium for 2 weeks and make sure you’re happy with your website before you commit to anything long term.  To start out, I would recommend you go with the Unlimited plan which is the middle of the road plan.  It comes with everything you need to maintain a professional website including unlimited bandwidth, a free domain and no Wix ads.

You will only need the more expensive VIP or Ecommerce plans if you plan to have an online store on your website.  If you are not directly listing and selling products, then don’t waste the money on those more expensive plans.  If you are on a really tight budget you can save a couple of bucks with the Combo plan but for only a few dollars more a month, the Unlimited plan comes with a few extra features/apps as well as $300 in ad vouchers.  Those ad vouchers alone more than make up for the difference in price.  They allow you to place ads on websites like Google, Bing and Yelp which is helpful when you are first starting out so that people can discover your website.

A Couple Of Things To Keep In Mind About Wix Premium Pricing

1) These prices include web hosting.  What this means is that Wix is not only providing you with the Website Builder and Editor, but they are also paying for the servers that host your website files and make it available on the internet.  If you used a different platform to build a website like WordPress you would have to acquire, maintain and pay for website hosting separately on your own.

2) The Monthly prices displayed are based on purchasing 1 year of Wix Premium.  If you are on a very tight budget you have the option to pay month to month but it will be a lot more expensive in the long run.  Wix gives you the option to purchase 1, 2 or 3 year plans, each with a progressively larger monthly discount.  For now, I’d recommend you just go with the 1 year plan for the following reasons:

• It’ll save you about $40 to $50 in your first year over the month to month plan price.
• In addition to those savings, you can often get an additional discount off of the yearly plan with a promo code depending on their current promotions.  Check to find any current/valid promotional codes to enter at checkout.
• You won’t get the free domain from Wix if you go month to month.  You will have to purchase it yourself which will cost you another $15 anyway.
• Additionally, you won’t get the $300 in ad vouchers if you pay month to month.  All of this combined makes it worth purchasing the 1 year subscription.

Once you’ve selected the plan and the term you want, you will be taken to the purchase page where you can enter your information.  Before you complete the purchase make sure you have checked for any valid promo codes that might be able to save you some more money.

How To Claim Your Free Domain From Wix

Once you’ve completed your purchase and gotten your free domain voucher, you will want to redeem your voucher and connect your new domain name.  This is so that when you publish your website it will have your own professionally branded look and not the ugly and unprofessional we discussed earlier.

In the Wix ADI click on Connect Your Domain at the top of the page or you can also see it under the site menu.  Assuming you don’t already own a domain name that you want to use, then you will want to click on get a new domain name.  Click on Add Domain/Buy A New Domain.  This will take you to a search screen where you can try to find an available domain name.

Since there are millions of websites out there, many domain names will already be taken.  You might have to get a little creative to find the perfect domain name.  For example, if your business is John’s Taxi Service and you are in New York, stuff like or are probably already taken.  But you might be able to get or maybe try dashes like until you find something that works for you.

Once you find a domain name that you like and that is available click Get It.  Select 1 year registration period and then you can decide whether or not you want to pay extra for a private registration (it is not necessary).  Click Continue and then when you get to the payment screen you should already see your voucher discount displayed giving you your free domain.  Click Submit Purchase to complete the purchase of the domain.  Now that you own the domain name, you can go to your Domains page and you should see your domain there and you can just click the Connect button next to the domain you just purchased in order to connect your domain.

Editing Your Website With The Wix ADI

Now that you’ve upgraded to Wix premium and connected your domain, you should finalize the look and feel for your website.  From the Wix ADI, you can hover over any section of the website and then either click Edit or Design.  Design will generally give you different layout options for each section.  For example, if you don’t like the layout of your logo and Top Menu, you can click design next to it and choose a different layout.  Once you’ve selected the layout you like, click the X to close the design section and it will save your new layout.

Wix ADI Edit Header

While Design affects Layout, Edit will let you change the actual content of the different sections of the website.  For example, if you click on Edit next your top menu, you can edit the following:

Freeze Header: Its usually best to turn this option if you have a lot of content on your website.  This allows the user to always see the top menu even when scrolling down through your website. If they decide they want to jump to a different page on your website, they don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to the menu.

Business Name: Should be pretty obvious what this is.

Logo: Here you can set or change your logo for your website if you didn’t already do it during the ADI wizard.

You can also choose to toggle whether the Menu, Email Address, Phone Number or Social Icons are displayed on the menu.

When you have your top menu setup the way you want you can move down to the main section of your website and do some additional editing.

Wix ADI Edit Content

Here you can edit Titles, Descriptions, etc. as well as change the photos on your main page.  You can also easily toggle on/off any of the items like Title, Subtitle, Description, Media, etc. to add or remove anything you do or don’t want in this section.  To change any photos Wix added just choose Edit & Replace and you can upload a different photo.

That’s it for Part 1 of our series on how to build a website using Wix.  Now that you have completed the intial setup of your website, it is time to move on to Configuring Advanced Wix Website Settings And Features.

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