Do you like free money? Get paid for stuff you’re already doing online

Free Money

How To Get Free Money

Did you know that you could be getting free money for a lot of stuff you’re already doing online?  Like checking your email, searching the web, giving your opinions on topics or even just eating and shopping at local restaurants and shops?

Well there are a lot of websites that will actually pay you for this kind of stuff.  They fall into a category called “Get Paid To” websites and if you are wondering how to earn a little extra cash on the side but you have not signed up for any of these sites then you need to check them out because you are passing up on free money.

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How it works is you sign up for free at any or all of these sites.  Then you can either check the sites daily for offers or they will email you offers.  These can range from things like getting cash back for shopping at online retailers you’re probably aready using.  Or taking paid surveys or you can even earn money just by reading your email!  There are bunch of sites out there to choose from and after evaluating a bunch of them these are some of our favorites:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is our favorite free money website out there.  We featured them in our article on saving money while shopping.  And while they do have great cash back offers at most major online retailers like Amazon, Macys, Kohls, Home Depot, etc., they are so much more than just an online cashback bonus website.

Swagbucks will also pay you for doing internet searches.  Just enter your search terms in their search box instead of in a normal search engine and watch your Swagbucks account balance rise.  They also offer paid surveys online.  Download Swagbucks Mobile to your smartphone and you can earn extra money when you shop, answer surveys or even watch videos on the go!

But no conversation about Swagbucks is complete without talking about Swagbucks Local.  Here you can get up to 10% cashback for eating and shopping at local restaurants and shops in your area.   If you link a credit card to your Swagbucks account you can automatically earn cash back (usually in the range of 5% to 10%) at participating local restaurants and shops.

You don’t need to scan or submit receipts or do anything at all to receive your SwagBucks points.  Just link your card and then eat or shop at your favorite local places and watch the points start to pile up.  You can check a local map to see if your favorite restaurant or shop participates in the program before signing up.  Then you can start earning even more cash back to your Swagbucks account just for eating and shopping at all of your favorite local places!  As of this publish date they are even offering a $5 bonus just for trying out Swagbucks local within 30 days of registration.

Right now Swagbucks is also offering a $10 signup bonus if you spend $25 at a store featured in the Swagbucks shop.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a leading online rewards company where members can earn free money for participating in online activities.  These activities include paid surveys, getting paid to shop online, playing games, searching the web, and much more.  The good thing about Inbox Dollars is that there are no points to convert.  You are paid in cold hard cash.  The surveys they offer you have both the amount you’ll be paid and the expected time to complete.  This allows you to quickly calculate if it is worth your time to even bother with a survey.

With respect to taking surveys, there are better survey sites out there.  If you’re interested in taking surveys for money online you should definitely check out our article on the truth about online surveys.  But the good thing about Inbox Dollars surveys is that even if you don’t qualify to be paid for a survey after answering a few short questions they will instead let you do fun things like spin to win or do scratch and win tickets.  It isn’t much money but its fun to play anyway.  In addition to surveys Inbox Dollars will also pay you for searching the web, watching videos and of course give you cashback rebates for shopping online.

Right now they are giving you $5 just for signing up so you have nothing to lose.

3. My Points

MyPoints is another great site that will pay you to shop online, take paid surveys, watch videos, read email and much more to earn points.  You can then redeem the points for gift cards or prepaid visa cards.  While they’ve got plenty of great cashback deals for shopping online, one of my favorite things that MyPoints has is a section for deals for shopping in store.  I’ve found some great deals in the past where you’re basically getting things for free.  For example at one point they were giving away enough points to fully cover the cost of purchasing a Glade Plug Ins starter kit and refills at Walmart.  It’s always fun to get free stuff!

Sign up now and you can get a $10 bonus if you make $20 in qualifying purchases in your first 30 days.  If you’re looking to buy anything at all online for $20 you might as well try to purchase it through MyPoints.  It is like getting up to 50% off that purchase.  More free money!

4. Inbox Pays

Inbox Pays is another reputable player in the “Get Paid To” genre of websites.  You can get paid to read email, surf the web, take paid surveys, complete various offers, etc.  The only thing that I’ve found annoying about being an Inbox Pays member is that the offers they send you require you to click the link in the email to see what the offer is.  The email will just have a link and a dollar amount that you’ll be paid for completing the offer.  You then have to go to the website to get more details.  It would be nice if they gave you some sort of idea ahead of time so you can easily eliminate the offers you know you won’t qualify for.  I mean, I don’t need to go to their website to find out I’m not qualfied for a diabetes study.

However they do compensate you for this by giving you free money just to open the email and read the offer.  It is not much, often like 5 cents but it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to open the email so even if you don’t complete an offer your account balance will typicaly go up around 25 cents a day just by reading the emails they send you.

Right now they’re giving you a free $5 bonus just for signing up so its worth checking them out.

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