Get Your iPhone Screen Repair Done Today – Right At Your Doorstep!

iPhone Screen Repair

What To Do If You Need An iPad or iPhone Screen Repair Done Right Away?

If you have a broken cell phone and are in need of an immediate iPad or iPhone screen repair then you need to head over to the Puls website immediately.  Puls has a network of expert technicians on hand ready to do on-the-spot repairs to many digital devices.  Technicians can be right at your door within an hour from 8AM-9PM 7 days a week!

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What Is Puls?

Puls (formerly have technicians in more than 40 metro areas ready to provide emergency device repairs such as iphone screen repair, ipad screen repair, tv mounting and installations and much more.

What Types of Devices Do Puls Technicians Support?

Puls technicians are specialists in a variety of repairs for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet devices.  In addition to Apple phones they also service Pixel, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony and HTC cell phones.

What Types of Cell Phone Services Do Puls Technicians Provide?

Puls technicians can do many repairs including screen repair, battery replacement, camera replacement, as well as repairing charging ports, power buttons, side buttons, home buttons, headphone jacks, charging ports as well as repairs to water damaged cell phones.

How Does Puls Work?

Just head to the Puls website and click on Book a Service.  Choose a device and model and then enter your zip code.  If you are in a metro area, chances are Puls has technicians ready to service your phone today!

Just indicate what is wrong with the phone and they will immediately let you know the price of the repair and let you pick a time slot for a technician to come out to meet you.  They can meet you at your home, work, a local coffee shop or wherever is most convenient for you.  It’s that simple, repairs typically take around 1/2 hour.

Don’t waste your time driving to a store, waiting in line, scheduling appointments in the future or waiting for your cell phone to be sent out for repairs.  If you want your phone fixed immediately and conveniently by expert technicians using high quality replacement parts then check out Puls right now.

Once your repair is completed, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon and get yourself a quality cell phone case and screen protector.  We recommend Tech Armor, Amazon has a huge selection at bargain prices.

What Other Services Does Puls Provide?

In addition to iphone screen repair and other mobile and tablet repairs Puls technicians can also do TV mounting and installations.  They also do many smart home installations from security cameras, smart lighting, locks, doorbells, smoke detectors, thermostats and voice devices.  See the Puls website for a full list of smart home devices they can install for you today!

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